Article Distribution Software – Should You Really Bother With These Automation Tools?

We all want to write lots of articles in a relatively short period of time and get lots of traffic in return. This is not surprising as article marketing can be labour-intensive. This has led to a distribution gap in the market which has been covered by the creation of article distribution software. Sometimes these pieces of software called ad blasters as they simply blast the contents over the Internet.

They often consist of a list of article directories which have been built in to get you able to quickly send out your articles. Basically what you do is fill out the relevant bits of the software with your article and click a few buttons and the software will blast your article out to various sites online.

Article submission software can save you time as you can send your articles in one go right from your computer desktop rather than sitting down and having to log in to about 20 article directories manually. It is hard work to do this manually.

Another benefit is that the software will deal with repetitive information for you for instance your title or your description or resource box will get filled out by the software. The software is also able to store your login information after your first visit and this does save you a lot of time too.

The makers of these pieces of software will from time to time send out updates and relevant information which most times relates to the newest article directories and the best places to submit your articles. This is necessary as many article directories are just too small to survive online and go out of business online or the software maker recognises that some of the sites listed in the software are no longer effective for submitting articles to.

There is a lot of debate going on as to how effective article distribution software really is. This is important when you consider the fact that some article directories do not accept automated submissions. In fact some say that certain article directors will block automated submissions or simply treat it as spam. If this is the case then it means it’s a waste sending articles using distribution software.

You have to take the pros with the cons if you are considering this article distribution strategy. I would advise you do a lot of testing to see what benefits that are if any.

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Great Social Media Using Smart Phone Apps

The purpose of Social Media presence is not to sell but to build trust and brand yourself, and your business. Create your Social Media profile with your audience in mind. If you help enough people solve a problem, your bank account grows.

The strategies that worked in the Social Media sector two years ago are very different from the strategy needed today. Very few people still use their computer to search before they buy. The Smart Phone apps rule.

Is your Social Media presence compatible with smart phone delivery? Think about this; when a person contacts you about business they are in the process of to buy or not to buy from you. This platform is not about on-line marketing as much as it is about building a reputation.

Reputation management plays a significant role in the size of your bank account. When building Facebook or any Other Media sites for business purposes, it’s wise to leave your political and religious agenda off your page. Growing your customer base must dictate how you present yourself and your business.

If you would like to grow your business to reach-out to other people who are not in your immediate network then beware of what you post. Complaining or commenting about negative will lead to un-friending the people you have worked so very hard to connect with, as well as label you as someone who is not reliable or trustworthy in your field of work. It’s about perception!

Watch your Facebook page daily to see who is posting and content posted. It’s simple to remove posts you find undesirable just by logging in and adjusting your comments. Keep your business page on your business topic.

It’s business suicide to post personal photo’s of you or your staff dressed inappropriately if you want to create a professional perception. The book “Think and Grow Rich” written by Napoleon Hill, offers wisdom about how to dress for success.

Not all business owners require, ties, suits, and pantyhose, but the successful business owner certainly must require a dress code. If the dress code is blue jeans, keep jeans, shirts and shoes clean and crisp looking. Is your hair neat, well-kept and clean in appearance? A picture is worth a thousand words still holds true.

Does your Facebook business page need a make-over? People who are looking for your products and services may Google Facebook “Your Name” before they choose between you and your competition.

If you Googled your name, would you do business with you? Social Media Marketing is critical in today’s marketplace. A good business management strategy is to assign an employee or to out-source this out-reach to your customers and prospects.

People buy from people they feel they can trust. Show them that you and your business are trustworthy.

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Making Sure You Get the Very Important Patent Filing Date

A patent application filing date is very important for several reasons. First, if this is your first patent application for your invention, it will serve as your priority date. When a patent examiner examines the patentability of your invention, the patent examiner will decide whether a reference should be considered prior art based on your priority date. With constantly evolving technologies, such as software, mobile apps, or mobile devices, an earlier priority date can mean less prior art, and higher chances of getting approved for a patent.

Priority dates also dictate when patent applications will be published. Generally, utility applications are published 18 months from the earliest priority date. Provisional and design patent applications do not get published. Priority dates further set certain deadlines or events involved in obtaining international patent protection. For instance, the date when the search report is done and when to enter national stage or get a patent application examined by a country’s office patent office is generally based on the priority date.

Perhaps, one of the most important reasons why you should be concerned about a patent filing date is when you have a bar date. Say for instance you offered your invention for sale or you publicly disclosed your invention at a trade show, that event sets your 1 year clock to file a patent application. If you don’t file your application before that clock expires, your invention will be barred from becoming a patent. If you filed a patent application on the 1 year anniversary of the barring disclosure and the US Patent and Trademark Office rightfully refuses to grant you a filing date, your invention may never be patented no matter how hard you worked in trying to make the deadline.

There are several situations when the USPTO will refuse to grant a serial number and a filing date. For instance, if your provisional or utility application fails to meet the requirements of 35 USC § 112, you will not get a filing date. 35 USC § 112 requires that your disclosure, which is usually through your specification and drawings, enables a person skilled in the art to make and use your invention without undue experimentation. Other situations that may cause you not to receive a filing date includes failing to include a filing fee or failing to include at least one claim for a utility application. For a provisional application, a filing date may not be given if your filing does not include the required cover sheet.

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5 Tips to Become a Successful Video Game Tester!

The path to kick starting your career as a video game tester can be a long and hard road, but the initial hard work can be well worth the effort in the long run.

1. Try out beta testing various types of video games.

Volunteering to this initially will show companies that you are willing to put in the hard work. See if you can find any bugs within the game and then contact the server, clearly identifying the exact bug. You may even want to make a video and upload it on You Tube.

2. Look for companies every week that you think will hire you.

Call them up or send in your resume. The more companies you work for, the more money you are likely to make. You need to get your name out there and start making connections. If you feel uncomfortable or shy doing this, then you won’t make a career out of video game testing.

3. Get a diary or ‘Black book’ to put all the companies and contacts you have researched.

This will speed up the process on finding who to contact when you are looking for work. You may also want to include the console they specialise in and how much they pay. You can then use this to refer back to at all times.

4. Look for companies that create games for the console that you master in.

If you are a master of all consoles, this will be easy. If you own only one, then don’t go looking for companies that don’t make games for yours. You don’t want to be testing games on a foreign console as this will make you look unprofessional. This can make or break your video game tester career. If you want to expand to another console, ensure that you are comfortable with it first before applying for jobs.

5. Create your own website, blog or video to show your work.

Not only will this help you gain exposure, it can also be used as part of your portfolio in a resume. What you need to dedicate these platforms to discussing bugs in games. Even if it is the smallest bug that 99% of gamers wouldn’t see, you need to make a big deal about it. If the companies see the video, they will immediately think that you know what you are talking about and this will help you get jobs.

With these tips in mind, you are now ready to start your career as a video game tester.

But what if you can’t find any companies to apply for? Click Here Now to find out how you can kick start your Video Game Testing career today!

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