IDC Survey – Mobile Developers Interests and Strategies

Mobile applications development offers an unprecedented opportunity for developers to make business. The study of mobile applications development by IDC reveals that the current trend for applications that have a one-time cost and are cheap is soon coming to the end.

With more mobile applications evolving and becoming more sophisticated, developers are also weighing their prospects for marketing the application. The mobile development market is maturing and the developers are all set to develop applications triple the number from last year.

The priorities for developers are changing and so are the business models. Observing the rage with mobile applications and mobile devices and operating systems that offer advanced functions and capabilities the developers are fast adapting their strategies as well. Earlier the applications were simple with only content but now multimedia rich functionalities are required. Applications with GPS, social and cloud services are being developed. Developers are drifting away from free apps and $99 sales to models such as in-app purchasing, advertising and mobile commerce that witnessed a growth of 86 percent.

To generate more revenue from an application for a longer period advertising and other methods would be the upcoming trend. As developers are getting more serious about making money ways that would drive recurring revenue depending on the usage or a subscription fee will be preferred.

Another trend as evident by the IDC survey is the shift of developers from iPhone to multiple devices. Google is fast catching up with Apple in terms of popularity. Android tablets are getting popular with developers. The ratings for those interested in developing for Android tablets has gone up from 62 percent last year to seventy four percent this year. As for the ratings of Blackberry they have gone up to 28 percent from 16 percent last year. The iPad only saw an increase of 3 percent from last year but still has the lead with 87 percent in its pocket.

Overall as evident from the number of applications being developed it is no surprise that this year the figures reveal a two fold increase in the number of developers willing to build for four different devices. iPhone has to its credit 92 percent of mobile app developers interested in iPhone application development. The second place has been grabbed by Android phone with 87 percent followed by iPad with 87 percent and Android tablet with 74 percent. After these four having close ratings, there is a considerable dip after which ranks the Blackberry Playboy with 38 percent.

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