5 Tips to Become a Successful Video Game Tester!

The path to kick starting your career as a video game tester can be a long and hard road, but the initial hard work can be well worth the effort in the long run.

1. Try out beta testing various types of video games.

Volunteering to this initially will show companies that you are willing to put in the hard work. See if you can find any bugs within the game and then contact the server, clearly identifying the exact bug. You may even want to make a video and upload it on You Tube.

2. Look for companies every week that you think will hire you.

Call them up or send in your resume. The more companies you work for, the more money you are likely to make. You need to get your name out there and start making connections. If you feel uncomfortable or shy doing this, then you won’t make a career out of video game testing.

3. Get a diary or ‘Black book’ to put all the companies and contacts you have researched.

This will speed up the process on finding who to contact when you are looking for work. You may also want to include the console they specialise in and how much they pay. You can then use this to refer back to at all times.

4. Look for companies that create games for the console that you master in.

If you are a master of all consoles, this will be easy. If you own only one, then don’t go looking for companies that don’t make games for yours. You don’t want to be testing games on a foreign console as this will make you look unprofessional. This can make or break your video game tester career. If you want to expand to another console, ensure that you are comfortable with it first before applying for jobs.

5. Create your own website, blog or video to show your work.

Not only will this help you gain exposure, it can also be used as part of your portfolio in a resume. What you need to dedicate these platforms to discussing bugs in games. Even if it is the smallest bug that 99% of gamers wouldn’t see, you need to make a big deal about it. If the companies see the video, they will immediately think that you know what you are talking about and this will help you get jobs.

With these tips in mind, you are now ready to start your career as a video game tester.

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