Article Distribution Software – Should You Really Bother With These Automation Tools?

We all want to write lots of articles in a relatively short period of time and get lots of traffic in return. This is not surprising as article marketing can be labour-intensive. This has led to a distribution gap in the market which has been covered by the creation of article distribution software. Sometimes these pieces of software called ad blasters as they simply blast the contents over the Internet.

They often consist of a list of article directories which have been built in to get you able to quickly send out your articles. Basically what you do is fill out the relevant bits of the software with your article and click a few buttons and the software will blast your article out to various sites online.

Article submission software can save you time as you can send your articles in one go right from your computer desktop rather than sitting down and having to log in to about 20 article directories manually. It is hard work to do this manually.

Another benefit is that the software will deal with repetitive information for you for instance your title or your description or resource box will get filled out by the software. The software is also able to store your login information after your first visit and this does save you a lot of time too.

The makers of these pieces of software will from time to time send out updates and relevant information which most times relates to the newest article directories and the best places to submit your articles. This is necessary as many article directories are just too small to survive online and go out of business online or the software maker recognises that some of the sites listed in the software are no longer effective for submitting articles to.

There is a lot of debate going on as to how effective article distribution software really is. This is important when you consider the fact that some article directories do not accept automated submissions. In fact some say that certain article directors will block automated submissions or simply treat it as spam. If this is the case then it means it’s a waste sending articles using distribution software.

You have to take the pros with the cons if you are considering this article distribution strategy. I would advise you do a lot of testing to see what benefits that are if any.

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